Bingo Bonanza

February Promotions


The Sunday Morning Matinee Sessions will be on February 3rd & 17th of 2019

Registers will open at 10:00 AM

Minis will start at 11:30 AM

Session will start At 1:00 PM


Paper $5 Pays $200, $10 Pays $300 & $15 Pays $400

Electronic $10 Pays $200, $15 Pays $300 & $20 Pays $400



Cash Drawings and 4K UHD-TV Every Wednesday in February

Starting on Friday, February 1st, 2019 earn Drawing Tickets for every Pack Purchase made

at Registers. One Drawing Ticket Per Pack Purchase (Paper and/or Electronic) throughout

the Month of February. There will be a total of TWO Cash Drawings every Wednesday in

February and each of these Cash Drawings will be paying out $500 in Cash. There will also

be ONE Drawing for a 4K-UHD-TV as well… Furthermore, Drawing Tickets will be emptied

from the hopper after each of the weekly drawings. See Bingo for more details…


NOTE: The TV description listed above may vary from the actual TV for the drawings.


U-Pick-Em Consolation Prize will be Guaranteed for $1199 Every Friday in February


Valentine’s Day Promotion on Thursday, February 14th, 2019

Registers Open at 4:00 PM

Early Mini’s Start at 6:00 PM

Session Starts at 8:00 PM and Registers will Close at 8:30 PM

Late Mini’s Until Approximately 11:00 PM

  • During Early Minis all Double Action’s will be guaranteed for $50!
  • During Early Minis all Starburst will be guaranteed for $50!
    • Note: During Early Minis if you Bingo on the “Star” with last number called then it will payout $100!
  • Early/Late Mini Hotball will cost $1 each and they will payout $100... Some Restrictions Apply. See Bingo For Details!
    • Furthermore, Early Mini Hotball is not valid on any of the Winner Takes All’s,

“Free Player” Games, Guaranteed Doubles or Big Burst Jackpot if won on the Jackpot!

  • Note: Must be a Single Winner with Last Number Called. Only eligible to be hit once!
  • There will be a total of THREE Cash Prize Drawings, paying out up to $500!
  • There will be a total of THREE Drawings for 4K UHD Smart TV’s!
  • Grand Prize Drawing of $1,199 will be done prior to the last game of the promotion!
  • The normal 45 Cards Electronics will be available for purchase and 225 Card Electronics will be available as well.
    • Some restrictions will apply on the 225 Card Electronics… See Bingo Management for details!
    • All Electronic Packs will receive 1 Pack Punch, 1 Drawing Ticket, 1 Quick Pick U-Pick-Em

and 3 Cards of the FireLake Jackpot!

  • Casino Bingo will be guaranteed for $250!
  • U-Pick-Em Jackpot will be guaranteed for $500!


See Bingo for Further Details!